From the most hard-awareness


To think that was a pleasant trip around the city, it is the transformation of a state of mind. Half the time in the morning, from north to south, or from south to north of the city, walking in the sun or Long Yan thin mist, the town bypass time, I was given a leisurely romantic.

Even rainy days, but also exciting, walking in the town, met all sorts of people, watching the vicissitudes of life. Enron hawkers shouting, through the vehicle, thoughts wander, bit by bit, all life.

I rode the BMW car to meet me smiling man is playing with Zhejiang boss, Wang, brilliant laugh it off, that every encounter is given a calm and composed, so the world becomes warm and peaceful.

Like last year, in the winter time, I buy a lot of clothes, shopping joy, for a woman, is essential. Wardrobe There Nagumo family brought back that blue mosaic national wind dressed no upper body, there is a large green collar sleeveless long section of parquet dressed and did not pass through, as well as shoes and secretly hidden jeans, each one, there is the effect of Mimi.

Li said Tuesday, and so on mist dispersed, we put on attire to take pictures of it.

I said, my sister, a good idea.

Promise to be in the end of beautiful women, choose a bright sunny time, the United States went to shoot photos, it is a romantic thing.

In life, the best attitude is, to forbear, but also bloom, in the depths of the heart of a flower of soft and also have a strong tree.

0:00 mother phoned say comfortable, I am a man hurriedly went to the hospital, watching the electrocardiogram in bounce, bouncing faint moaning mother, and a few quiet moments to flow through. Finally at night half past three mother’s heartbeat stabilized. Mom and ward Niang Niang has asked me to sleep for a while, I looked casually beating ECG, how can you sleep? Until smooth mother’s condition, I began to have a sleep. Niang Niang and she let me squeeze can narrow beds, and I shape and large, sleep on, maybe I can sleep very heavy, afraid Niang Niang would not be able to sleep soundly, not to mention she is a patient, after all to heart can not bear.

A man is justified by the bed and sleep, walked up and down the corridor, is not the answer, afraid toss, disturbed sleep mom and Niang Niang, five more help, a man quietly slipped back into the home, Before going to sleep so he woke up early to go to the hospital to accompany, I did not expect to wake up fast eight, he was still asleep like a dead person, but usually could not sleep for about seven people, a critical time, but the ball dropped.

Want to sleep a little to die, he brushed his teeth, too lazy to open a face, then lifted Breakfast Congcong Wang hospital in time, after all, I quietly slipped back home, so my heart there is a sense of guilt, that must hurried back to the hospital.

In the hospital it does various checks, in addition to detect anemia, did not seem to find out what the problem is. From the first day to be the disease today, a full week after her mother recover every two or three days, on abnormal heart once uncomfortable every time two or three hours and then gradually restore stable. Hospitals can not find why, let transferred to Kunming see, to Kunming also have to discuss the decision, contact a good hospital to departure.

Rushed to the ward, but fortunately my mother basically stable after heart rate returned to normal, a sister would rush over, I have to rush to work. Originally and old Xie tune classes intend to think Mao Yulan home to eat crabs, his aging mother fall ill again, my crabs, appears to be wasted.

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